Evelyn is a visual designer and fine artist, working from Portland, Oregon. Her work is inspired by a lifelong appreciation and pursuit of art history, the natural world, and emotional storytelling. 


Currently working as a designer in a boutique letterpress shop, Evelyn is inspired daily by all aspects of the design and production process. Her work with clients to understand their wants and needs has given her a unique perspective on client acquisition, customer service, design production, and project management.


In her personal time, Evelyn's work embodies the nautical themes that have surrounded her since early childhood. Her traditional watercolor paintings have been featured in regional and national magazines, local exhibitions, and digital publications. 


In the future, she is most excited about finding a community in which she can utilize her life perspective and natural disposition towards empathy to create socially responsible and progressive design work for a brand or company with strong ideals and a forward-thinking trajectory.